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Nobody wants to invest extra in their homes like purchasing heavy appliances. Especially when you know that instead of buying the new appliances and bring them home, you can have old ones repaired, which is a cheap and useful solution. There’s no doubt that a new garage gives your home a perfectly new look and feel but sometimes you are not in a strong financial situation that you can afford such an heavy investment. Well, you can avoid this investment by garage door repair.

Here are few things to consider
while making a decision between repairing or replacing​

Has your garage door stopped working at all? This can happen for any reason. There could be technical problem which you do not understand. If it works little bit, the solution will be very simple. For example, if it was working a little bit yesterday but it does not work today at all, it means that after a little repair your door will start operating perfectly. However, if your door has not been working for a long time then this can be a big problem and it will require a lot of careful and technical solutions, sometimes a full replacement.
The garage door of your house can give an appealing look to the entire home exterior. It not only enhances the beauty of home architectural but also give an overall esthetic look. But if your garage door shows up wear and tear then it will not only take away the beauty of your home but will also cause extra repairing or replacing expenses. If there is only a single panel that is fading or rusting then it’s better to repair it rather than bringing a new one. But if multiple panels are damaged, in such case there is no problem in replacing the entire garage door. Wear and tear could be of several types. If the garage door is made of wood then you must check for warping and cracking. If the wood is completely cracked then it could be dangerous and you must replace the door as soon as possible. The age of the garage door plays a vital role in your decision of replacing or repairing. Obliviously, you will not want to replacing a door that you have bought some time ago. However, if your garage door is 16 years old then it’s the right time to shop a new one.
We all know that damage is different from wear and tear. Damage is something that occurs due to a specific incident such as bad weather (high wind) or collision with an object. There are several parts that helps the garage door to operate smoothly, If something happens to these parts the door does not operate correctly. As garage door is the most used door in the home, it is most at risk from damage. If you have kids and pets in your home, you just have to be more careful. The slights omission can cause a great deal of damage. So, if your garage door is completely broken, you should replace it immediately. Call us today at (877) 793-3546! It could be possible that your garage door was working very well yesterday but today it is completely jammed. In any case we would not advices you to leave a completely damaged door in your home. But if the door is not badly damaged, then a little repair can do the job. If this is difficult for you to decide then you can call us at any time and we will let you know that if your garage door needs to be replaced or repaired. Garage Door Repair installation and Service provides both repairing and installation service so you just don’t need to worry at all. We are just a call away!

Has your garage door completely stops operating?

Your garage door replacement or replacing is just a phone call away. Benny Garage Door Repair Service and installation in Seattle provide Service in Tacoma and surrounding areas, Excellence in all we do, including repair garage doors ,fix garage doors, replace new garage doors,install new garage doors.

We are all professionals and qualified to repair garage doors and openers at our Seattle Garage Door Repair team. Damaged cables? Worn rollers? Let our technicians take care of your problems and concerns. As full service providers, we can assist you with any issue. With expertise in all openers found on the market our technicians can handle motor problems, maintain the sensors and change the broken wires. Clients can rely on our fast response and quality of our services.

With many years of experience, Benny Garage Door Repair company offers respect, trust, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to meeting needs and exceeding expectations. We seek to provide complete customer satisfaction for every project, providing quality workmanship, affordable prices, and the best customer experience possible.

Garage Door Repair Service and installation in Seattle is a local company provides garage door repair installation and service for the residents Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Kent,Lakewood, Puyallup, Sumner, Orting, Milton, Parkland, Fife, Bonney Lake, Fircrest, Roy and the rest of Pierce County.

We are specialized in garage door fix and servicing for garages all over Tacoma and Seattle. We offer maintenance and repair for all major door types. We are experts in garage roller door repairs, as well as other door types including sectional, panel and tilt doors. We also cover all repair work associated with all major brands of garage door motors and openers. In most cases, we are able take care of your garage door repair job, same day and on the spot.
It’s our duty to keep your garage door operating seamlessly. We provide you 24/7 service at affordable charges. If your garage door has stopped working and you are upset just call us at (877) 793-3546.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair
Garage Door Repair

Our clients say

"Suddenly in the morning my door' s springs got broken.and all the door got bended. The technician installed me a New springs and adjusted the door in no time ! And the best part is : he charged me only for the springs. I would definitely recommend for this business. Thank you."
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Hilary Leigh
"The repair tech was nice and was able to get my old garage door working again almost like new. The cost was cheap I definitely will call him in the future ."
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Hall Read
"Benny and his team were excellent today. Called and said he is on his way and showed up at that exact time! He turned what we thought was a replacement into a simple fix and instructed us on how to maintain our door. Garage Door and Gates has a customer for life."
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Quintin Angus
We order Benny garage Service on a couple of occasions for our garage door repair and replace. They have high level of customer service and quality of work.
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Jillie Tempest