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Garage Door Repair installation and Service

Benny Garage Door Service in Seattle provides our wide range of services in Tacoma and surrounding areas. We focus on providing a range of services, though our most common is our garage door repair and installation service. Whether you already have a door that will not function, or you want to replace your garage door, we can make doing that nice and simple!

Benny Garage Door Service | Garage Door Installation and Repair Services


Securing the front of your home with a new garage door installation in Seattle is highly recommended. A new garage door not only makes entry for you easier, but it makes entry for others harder. A new door adds value, improves security, increases aesthetics, and generally will make your home a much more satisfying place for you to reside.Let us show you the benefits

Benny Garage Door Service | Garage Door Installation and Repair Services


Regular and proper, routine maintenance is critical to ensure your garage door springs remain in good working order. Regular adjustments to garage door springs are also required to ensure the proper door balancing. If you find that your garage door in Tacoma is no longer working as it should be, then reach out to our team for support today.

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If you are looking for a garage door to be easy to open, contact us today. We provide numerous forms of opener installation that can installed at homes or at workplaces. This allows for easier and safer opening on-demand. Now, nobody can get access to your garage who is not supposed to, boosting security long-term. 

Benny Garage Door Service | Garage Door Installation and Repair Services

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are a major part of your garage door. Over time, you might find that a torsion spring will come through the middle of the spring, or springs. It might even pierce through the shaft. If this happens, then the spring might be mounted in the middle of the shift, or on the end of the shaft. If that happens, you might need to have the torsion springs looked at. Our team can look at any wear and tear and/or damage to your torsion springs, and make sure the problem can be solved with ease.



For anyone with an extension garage door, the springs should last for around 15,000 cycles; a cycle is one up-and-down cycle. This means you should see anything from seven to ten-plus years of lifespan from a garage door spring. Should it become damaged, worn, or snap, though, you will need to get them replaced by an expert. We can deliver spring repair and spring replacement for any part of your garage door that has become weakened or in-operational. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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Real time Service

Call Now (877) 793-3546 and speak with a member of our team about receiving a free estimate for your home or place of business today. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are proud to serve the Seattle area. If you need any services in a short space of time, we can normally find a trusted operative to head out there and take a look at whatever problems you happen to be having.

Low Prices

We know that buying, repairing, replacing and/or maintaining a garage door in Seattle can be surprisingly expensive. As such, as look to give you a cost-effective solution. Benny Garage Door Repair and Service in Tacoma and Seattle can help you decide which garage door is best for you. Also, we always provide free estimates with low prices and offers you very fast service – quality and quickness!

Service in all Seattle

We provide garage door fix and repair services across Seattle 98004, 98005, 98006, 98007 and the surrounding areas. So, if you are in this particular part of Seattle feel free to give us a call. Not sure if our garage door repair service in Seattle can reach you? Give us a call to find out if you are in our geographical range

Quality Service

As a team of passionate garage door operatives, our team at Benny Garage Tacoma are the leaders when it comes to garage door installation, correction, repair and servicing throughout Tacoma and the surrounding areas. We take great pride in offering a consistent, professional service.

Call For Service

Of course, our service is 100% available for you to call on-demand when you need us most. Our experts can help you with maintenance and servicing of any garage door in Tacoma and across Seattle. We fix, repair, replace and adjust broken garage doors, garage openers, garage torsion springs, rollers, sections, tracks, and cables. Whatever the problem is, we will be sure to find the right solution!

Emergency Service 24/7

Bad things happen at the worst possible times – especially when you are just settling down for the evening. Whether it’s your garage door opener, a broken spring, or a dead motor, you can find yourself in trouble at any time of day or night. That is why we offer a 24/7 emergency fix and repair service. Call us from wherever you are in Tacoma or if you are in our geographic area across Seattle, and we’ll be there ASAP to solve the problem amicably and affordably.

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Garage Door Fix 100%
New Garage Door Installation 100%
Garage Door Opener Installation 100%
Garage Door Springs Replacement 100%

At Benny Garage Door, we have a team of fully licensed and insured professionals who are proud to serve the Tacoma, WA area. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because you can never truly plan for a problem with a garage door, can you? So, don’t worry about the time; we’ll be here to assist.

Of course, if you aren’t aware of what the problem is that is not an issue. One of our teams can come out to diagnose the issue and give you a clear idea of what the problem might be. It could be as simple as a worn spring or noisy track, or a rusty panel. It might even be something more specific, but regardless of the issue we will find the cause and then implement a solution.

Whether it is being installed from day one or maintained for years to come, we are here to help you with any garage door in Tacoma and across Seattle. From opener installation to spring repair through to full fitting of a new garage door, we can handle jobs big and small.

OFFERING 24/7 Emergency Garage Doors Fix & Repair Services

We specialize in garage door fix and servicing for garages all over the Seattle area. We also offer maintenance and repair for all major door types. So, regardless of what the problem you are facing, we can provide you with timely, affordable garage door repair in Seattle and Tacoma.

From full repairs to replacements, we can offer you a simple, easy to use emergency service when things go wrong. So, if something goes bump in the night with your garage door, we will be there to assist.

Torsion springs are secured to a metal shaft above the garage door. Depending on the system, the shaft may pass through the middle of the springs or spring, or the shaft may sometimes house the spring. If the shaft passes through the middle of the torsion spring, the spring may be mounted in the middle of the shaft or on the end of the shaft by the outside edge of the garage door.Torsion springs balance the garage door by applying torque to the shaft with drums at each end. Attached to each drum is a cable that extends to and is secured to the bottom fixture at the bottom of the door. The torsion spring unwinds and winds as the door is opened and closed to comprise a balanced system

Extension garage door springs last 15,000 cycles. Every time the door goes up and down is one cycle. On average extension garage door springs will last 7 to 12 years. For most people, you know you need to replace your extension springs because it snaps. Sometimes, however, when extension springs get older, they can lose their tension and the spring becomes elongated. This is rare but it does still happen. Basically, the coils are fatigued and when the door is up you can see gaps where the spring is not relaxing properly. When this happens, the spring is useless. It is best to replace the springs at this point rather than overworking the opener which will cause it to last a shorter life.

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With countless years of excellence in the garage door industry our dedicated and reliable team is just a call away to provided high-quality garage door repair and installation without compromise on quality and standards. 


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We specialize in garage door fix and servicing for garages all over Seattle. We offer maintenance and repair for all major door types. We are experts in garage roller door repairs, as well as other door types including sectional, panel, and tilt doors.
We also cover all repair work associated with all major brands of garage door motors and openers. In most cases, we are able to take care of your garage door repair job, same day, and on the spot.